The 9 Selected Corridors 


The 9 selected corridors in 'metro' format (including latest revisions)

List of Corridors - The 9 selected corridors in 'metro' format  [Download]
Deliverable D2.1  -  Selection of Corridors   [Download]


Important clarification:
The selection of the above corridors was made only for the purposes of the SuperGreen project and by no means implies any endorsement, direct or indirect, either by the SuperGreen consortium or by the European Commission, of these corridors vis-à-vis any other corridor, with respect to any criteria, environmental, economic, or other. Resources available were the main determinant of the number of corridors chosen (9). Also it has to be stated that one of the criteria that was used to select the above corridors was their “greening potential”, that is, the potential for improvement in at least some of their segments according to environmental criteria. Balance in geographical coverage and in modal mix were also considered as important.