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BELOGIC: Improve the quality and efficiency within and across different modes of transport, by means of benchmarking in logistics and co-modality

BESTLOG: Establish an exchange platform for the improvement of supply chain management practice across Europe

BRAVO: Develop and demonstrate an action strategy on intermodal rail-road transport services comprising major scientific and technological as well as pragmatic activities along the Brenner corridor

CAESAR: CA for the European Strategic Agenda of Research on Intermodalism and Logistics

CHINOS: Support transport operators by employing innovative IT technology solutions

DE-LIGHT TRANSPORT: Develop new solutions, methods and tools for the design, production and integration of complex modular lightweight structures in ships, intermodal transport containers and railway vehicles

e-FREIGHT: Denotes the vision of a paper-free, electronic flow of information associating the physical flow of goods with a paperless trail built by ICT, including the ability to track and trace freight along its journey across transport modes and to automate the exchange of content-related data for regulatory or commercial purposes.

EU TRANSPORT GHG: ROUTES TO 2050?: Take a first step in developing a long-term strategic approach to ensuring the compatibility of transport's GHG emissions with the EU's long-term climate goals.

EURIDICE: Establish an automatic mobile web services infrastucture using so-called smart tags (RFID etc.) to facilitate direct interaction between cargo items such as individual packages, loading units (pallets, containers etc.), vehicles and the infrastructure

FELICITAS: Develop fuel-cell systems that are capable of meeting the demand of heavy-duty transport for road, rail and marine applications

FREIGHTVISION: Develop a long-term vision and robust and adaptive action plan both for transport and technology policy for sustainable long-distance freight transport

FREIGHTWISE: Support modal shift of cargo flows from road to short sea shipping, inland waterways and rail by advanced management tools and facilitation of information access and exchange between stakeholders

INTEGRITY: Aims at creating supply chain visibility by evaluating information from various types of sensors, portals and other sources, partially pre-processed by intelligent algorithms

KOMODA: Provide enterprises, mainly SMEs, with optimization tools and software elements (see trends for SAAS and cloud computing) through a comodal e-Logistics platform

PROMIT: CA for intermodal freight transport aiming to promote intermodal logistics and mode shift by creating awareness on innovations, best practices and intermodal transport opportunities for potential users as well as for politicians and for the research community

SMART-CM: Use state-of-the-art technology to develop a neutral approach and service platform for secure and interoperable data communications enabling B2B cooperation in door-to-door container transport security

TRIAS: Sustainability impact assessment of strategies integrating transport, technology and energy scenarios

TRIMOTRANS: Develop new intermodal loading units (container plus adapter) suitable for the trimodal transport of bulk and packaged goods on road, railway and inland waterways

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ADOPT: Develop a system that senses the environment of a real situation, predicts the ship’s motion accordingly and calculates the actual risk of operating the ship in any given situation

BAWAPLA: Develop a ballast water treatment technology (UV, filters and electrolysis) into a completely self-controlled system

CREATE3S Develop a new generation of ships for short-sea operations using an innovative concept of separate platform modules and interchangeable cargo-containing modules

DIFIS Design a method for cost-effective intervention and remediation of tanker wrecks, dealing with eventual leaks and recuperating the fuel trapped in the tanks, even at considerable depths

DSS-DC Develop decision-support tools for handling crisis situations onboard ships pertaining to problems in propulsion systems, hull damage and intentional grounding- including in adverse weather conditions

ECODOCK Optimisation of marine coating activities during the entire ship's lifecycle

EU-MOP Address the concept of autonomous units that are capable of fighting oil pollution at sea

FLAGSHIP: Improve the safety of European maritime transport and make it more environmentally friendly and competitive by examining the onboard systems and procedures, onshore ship management systems, new technologies, communication interfaces, and the impact of standards and regulations

HANDLING WAVES Develop a decision-support system for ship operation in rough weather

HERCULES Develop new technologies to drastically reduce gaseous and particulate emissions from marine engines and concurrently increase engine efficiency and reliability

HISMAR: Develop a multi-functional inspection and maintenance robotic platform for tasks such as underwater structural integrity monitoring of a ship's hull or carrying out cleaning

IMPROVE Develop a new generation of ships in an integrated multiple criteria decision-making environment

INMARE CA on technologies and methodologies for safe, environmentally friendly and efficient shipping operations of the future

INTERSHIP: Develop better integrating tools and methods for the design and manufacturing of complex one-of-a-kind vessels

LOGBASED Develop methods/tools to provide designers, shipbuilders and ship operators with better guidance to create ship designs relating to intermodal transportation solutions

MARNIS: Addresses the supporting technology for navigation, communication and information systems to improve safety and efficiency of maritime traffic

MARSTRUCT Network of Excelence on structural analysis of ships with improved safety, environmental behaviour and comfort

MC-WAP Application of the molten carbonate fuel cell technology onboard large vessels for auxiliary power generation purposes

METHAPU: Facilitate the introduction of international regulations concerning the use of methanol as a fuel onboard ships. It induces innovation activities on fuel cells, methanol fuel bunkering, distribution and storage technology.

NG2SHIPP/F Improvement of interfaces between Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ships and their dedicated loading & unloading terminal infrastructures

OFIENGINE: Increase the durability of the exhaust system and other engine parts of a marine engine by the development of a new oxy-fuel ionisation thermal spray technology that improves heat and corrosion resistance

OSH Develop a fast ship in transit to be quickly on the scene of an oil spill and to recover oil in rather high sea states

PLUG Power interface between LNG or container carriers and terminals, which allow them to provide or receive power from the local grid

POP&C Deliver a framework and suitable tools for a methodological assessment of risk as a basis for decision making in relation to the design, operation and regulation of oil tankers.

POSSEIDON Develop a sensor-based processing unit to continuously monitor lube oil degradation and contamination in main propulsion and power-generating engines aboard ships

ROTISII Develop a remotely operated underwater vehicle, which is dedicated to ship inspection and certification with a minimum of human intervention and without the need to empty the ballast tanks

SAFECRAFTS: Realise innovative evacuation craft concepts to increase passenger safety during an emergency at sea

SAFEDOR Develop a risk-based maritime regulatory framework and tools to achieve cost-effective safety by treating it as an objective and not as a constraint

SAFEICE: Create a scientific basis for ice class rules (ship-hull strength) and for placing requirements on ice classes

SAFETOW Provide masters of disabled vessels and masters of salvage and escort tugs with support tools, which will enable them to take decisions in real time with the best available information regarding the consequence of their actions

SHIPDISMANTL Develop innovative ship dismantling and recycling procedures through a decision support system

SHIPMATES Produce a framework and prototype tools to assist the ship repair and conversion industry to reduce manufacturing costs and production lead times 

SHORTSEA XML: Introduce a common messaging standard which has the potential of reducing overall costs by 10-20% thereby increasing the competitiveness of shortsea shipping when compared to road

SMOOTH Fill missing technology gaps and enable air lubrication of ship hulls within normal European shipbuilding and operation practice for both inland and coastal ships

VIRTUE: Create a virtual basin by integrating advanced numerical fluid analysis tools to tackle multi-criteria hydrodynamic performance optimisation of a ship hull in a comprehensive and holistic approach

VISIONS Visionary concepts for vessels and floating structures

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CAPOEIRA: CA of ports for integration of efficient innovations and development of research

EFFORTS: Address the key issues of navigation, environment, organisation and infrastructure in order to develop and integrate innovations that improve operations in European ports

ISTU: Develop an integrated propulsion unit and individual self-driven, two-container rail platform wagons for container transport in terminals

SECURCRANE : Design of an innovative system for the drive and control of port cranes for safe remote operation

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2TRAIN    Training of train drivers in safety relevant issues with validated and integrated computer-based technology

CATIEMON    Investigate methods to determine damaged pantographs and overhead line equipment

EUDDPLUS    Develop an interoperable, harmonised and modularised train driver's desk (console) allowing cross-operation between different transport networks

EURNEX    Create a European network of rail research institutes

EUROPAC:    Enhance interoperability between pantograph and catenary (overhead line equipment)

FASTRCARGO    Develop the fastest system that tranships standardised intermodal transport units between standardised rail wagons and trucks below active power lines

INFRACLEAR    Develop a track clearance measuring system able to function at commercial running speeds, allowing track gauging without stopping commercial operations

INNOTRACK:    Provides a methodology for life cycle cost calculation and assessment of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety through research on four key topics: track support structure, switches and crossings, rails and logistics for track maintenance and renewal

INTEGRAIL:    Develop an intelligent coherent information system by integrating all main railway subsystems

INTERGAUGE    Develop a new rail transport technology on the basis of adjustable wheelsets, enabling the interoperable, safe and secure traffic between railways with different gauge width

MODBRAKE:    Reduce complexity and costs of rail brake systems by incorporating them in modular form

MODTRAIN:    Define the necessary functional, electrical and mechanical interfaces and validation procedures to deliver the range of interchangeable modules, which will form the basis for the next generation of intercity trains and universal locomotives

RAILCOM    Aims at the harmonisation of interference limits for train detection and the characterisation of the railway electromagnetic environment for communication systems

RAILENERGY:    Innovative intergated energy efficiency solutions for railway rolling stock, rail infrastructure and train operation

REORIENT:    Assess the process of transforming the European railways from nationally fragmented into internationally integrated rail operating systems as a consequence of the EC interoperability legislation, supporting the EU policy of balancing modal split between road and rail freight transport

SAFEDMI    Design and develop a safe driver machine interface for ERTMS automatic train control

SAFE-RAIL:    Develop an innovative ground-penetrating radar system for fast and efficient monitoring of rail-track substructure conditions

SELCAT:    Analysis of completed and on-going European level crossing safety research focusing on appraisal, technology and safety evaluation methodology

SUSTAINABLE BRIDGES    Develop new methods for structural assessment of existing railway bridges in order to obtain better approximations of the real structural capacity

CALM II:    Coordinate European research for advanced transport noise mitigation through facilitation of interdisciplinary networking and dissemination of knowledge

CANTOR    CA on improving vehicle noise performance

CARCIM:    Integrate the two-component ceramic injection moulding (2C-CIM) as a low cost and large series production technique into the development of complex shaped ceramic components for automotive and railway applications

GREEN:    Promote future advanced heavy duty engine technologies to achieve lower emissions, lower fuel consumption and improved sustainability for future fuels

SCOUT    Develops a new environmentally friendly concept of ‘cut-and-cover’ tunnels

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AC-DC:    Develop a concept, which enhances automotive manufacturing in order to achieve the high level of responsiveness required for a 5-day car delivery according to customer specifications

APSN:    Integration of European vehicle passive safety research and implementation programmes, and creation of a virtual institute

ARCHES    Develop ways of raising the standard of highway structures in the new Member States and Eastern European countries

CLEANENGINE    Develop clean internal combustion engines based on liquid biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol) and environmentally friendly and ash-free lubes and/or lubrication concepts

CLEANMOULD    Develop flatbed trailers for lorries made out of lightweight fibre-reinforced thermoplastic that is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle

ECODISM    Provide ecologic and economical processes allowing environment friendly dismantling of cars through the integration of active systems within adhesives that are expandable when exposed to an external energy source

ECODRIVEN:    Campaign for improving driving behaviour, energy-efficiency and traffic safety among drivers of passenger cars, delivery vans, lorries and buses

ECO-ENGINES    Set up a virtual research centre on advanced engine combustion modes for road transport, giving special emphasis to the use of alternative and renewable fuels

ECOLANES    Develop, test and validate steel fibre reinforced concrete pavements that reduce construction costs, time and energy consumption

ERTRAC I & II:    Assess European road transport research needs and formulate the strategic research agenda. Overview of national road transport research activities (17 countries)

GOOD ROUTE:    Develop a cooperative system for dangerous goods vehicles routing monitoring, re-routing (in case of need), enforcement and driver support, based upon dynamic, real time data, in order to minimise the societal risks related to their movements, whereas still generating the most cost efficient solution for all actors involved in their logistic chain

HEAVY ROUTE:    Develop an advanced HGV management and route guidance system

HP FUTURE-Bridge    Develop a high-performance and cost-effective construction concept for bridges based on the application of fibre-reinforced polymers

HYICE    Optimisation of a hydrogen powered internal combustion engine

IMPCC2    Develop an in-vehicle sensor, detecting hydrocarbons (HCs), carbon monoxide (CO) and particles in the exhaust using the spectroscopic narrow-band absorption technology in infrared

INQUEST    Disseminate research on low-noise road surface technology. Promote European harmonisation in the field.

INTRO:    Improve road safety and capacity by providing rapid feedback on emerging problems to maintenance authorities and road users through combination of sensing with real-time networking technologies.

IPSY    Innovative particle trap system for future diesel combustion concepts

ISLE    Develop an innovative manufacturing technology to produce a new generation of headlamps for vehicles, which will be the basis for a future car-to-car or car-to-infrastructure communication system

ITARI    Provide tools to investigate new road surfaces, which will lower noise emission, lower fuel consumption and meet safety requirements. Demonstrate the implementation of virtually prototyped road surfaces.

MISS    Develop an innovative platform to dynamically sense and predict natural and infrastructure conditions

NICE    Develop a new integrated combustion system that, independent of the type of fuel, achieves the highest fuel conversion efficiency

NR2C:    Aims at selecting safe, environment friendly and subtle concepts for the road of the future

OPTO-EMI-SENSE:    Develop novel optical fibre-based sensors for monitoring exhaust gas emissions and temperature in modern road vehicles.

PAGODE    Provide a system-oriented view on new after-treatment processes required for the next HCCI (homogeneous charge compression ignition) combustion systems, taking into account the next fuel generation

REACT:    Develop an in-vehicle sensor system that can warn drivers about hazardous road conditions and traffic build-up

ROSATTE:    Aims to establish an efficient and quality ensured data supply chain from public authorities to commercial map providers with regards to safety related road content

SEES    Develop sustainable, clean, cost- and eco-effective electrical and electronic system (EES) prototypes and dismantling/recycling processes to increase the vehicle recovery/reuse rate

SETPOS:    Develop 5 secure rest places in border regions along the TEN-T. Define security criteria for rest areas.

TOP EXPERT    Selection and assessment of an integrated active after-treatment system, pursued through the generation of activated chemical agents via two alternative ways, a catalytic and an energy-based approach

TOPMACS    Develop mobile air conditioning systems with a reduced impact on the environment applicable to passenger cars and trucks

TRAIN-ALL    Integrated system for driver training and assessment using interactive education tools and new training curricula for all modes of road transport

TREATISE:    Provides free training in environmental transport for energy, environmental and fleet professionals in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom

ULYSSES    CA aiming to construct a platform for exchanging information and strategic planning of RTD projects on an internal combustion powertrain running on new fuels.

VISIONS    Enable information exchange between onboard truck information systems and external information systems, through standard and open information interfaces

CALM II:    Coordinate European research for advanced transport noise mitigation through facilitation of interdisciplinary networking and dissemination of knowledge

CANTOR    CA on improving vehicle noise performance

CARCIM:    Integrate the two-component ceramic injection moulding (2C-CIM) as a low cost and large series production technique into the development of complex shaped ceramic components for automotive and railway applications

GREEN:    Promote future advanced heavy duty engine technologies to achieve lower emissions, lower fuel consumption and improved sustainability for future fuels

SCOUT    Develops a new environmentally friendly concept of ‘cut-and-cover’ tunnels

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BESTUFS I & II    Maintain and expand a European network between urban freight transport experts and other stakeholders in order to identify, describe and disseminate best practices, success criteria and bottlenecks with respect to City Logistics Solutions (CLS).

CITYFREIGHT    Analyse selected inter- and intra-urban freight distribution networks and evaluate their socio-economic and environmental impacts in an urban context, with a common assessment methodology. Focus on innovative and promising logistic schemes in seven European countries.

CITYMOBIL    Achieve more effective organisation of urban transport. Large-scale demonstrators will be set up in Heathrow, Castellon and Rome

CONNECT    CA on flexible collective mobility services

CUTE:    Carried out the world's biggest trial of fuel-cell powered, low-noise buses in nine European cities. The trial was a huge success.

EURFORUM    Help match the demand and supply side of EU research in the field of urban mobility, better assess the research needs of the sector, and validate the relevant research priorities

FIDEUS    Provide a complementary set of vehicle solutions to support an innovative approach to the organisation of urban freight transport

HOST    Exploit modularity of the chassis and powertrains to develop a multipurpose urban transport mean

MODURBAN    Design and develop an innovative system architecture and its key interfaces, in preparation for the next generations of urban public transport systems

NICHES:    Coordinated research activities on key urban transport innovations that lack broad deployment. Handed out awards to local and regional authorities with the most promising measures.

QCITY:    Develop an integrated technology infrastructure for the efficient control of ambient noise from road and rail, especially in urban areas

SILENCE    Develop an integrated system of methodologies and technologies for the efficient control of urban traffic noise

SMARTFREIGHT    Provide ICT solutions that integrate urban traffic management systems with the management of freight and logistics in urban areas (operations carried out by the freight distribution vehicles will be controlled and supported by means of wireless communication infrastructure and on-board and on-cargo equipment)

TURNOUTS    Design and manufacture of new turnout concepts for urban rail infrastructure

URBAN TRACK    Develop, test and validate a series of innovative products and methods concerning urban rail infrastructure

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CREATING:    Improve competitive transportation in inland waterway systems by introducing new logistical and vessel concepts with optimised performance on hydrodynamics, fuel economy and environmental impact

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